Huh, the vet says I have to REST!!!

      REST???  I’m a springer spaniel, I don’t do REST.  OK, I have a sprained knee (right front, since you ask) but REST, I ask you!  Running after my ball on the beach is my life (well, an hour in the morning…) and if I can’t do that, what will happen?

Well, the first day hasn’t been too bad.  I was very excited when she got my lead out but then we went out the front and clipped it on my collar.  Usually I don’t have the lead on until we get to the bottom of the street so I pulled a bit and peed under all the overhanging bushes so she had to struggle.  We went through the park and she let me sniff the bushes before we went home.  It wasn’t as good as the beach, though.

I got a walk down the street later without the lead but I took it steady cos there wasn’t any ball to chase.  Then she let me wander round the garden but shouted when I watered the hydrangea.  Huh!

Suspect there were short rations at dinnertime.  She says if I’m not doing a lot of running I’ve to be careful to not get fat.

One positive thing out of the visit to the vet was the gorgeous mature black Labrador bitch in the waiting room – just my type!


One thought on “Huh, the vet says I have to REST!!!

  1. Huh me irish aunt came for me yesterday – hurray I thought – action at last. Lead on and away we go. Ok so I’m still on the lead she’ll realise soon it is all a misunderstanding, look watch my limp has gone I’m fine paddy let me off the lead, any minute now ……………. Huh that didn’t work. Right out the back to water her daff’s oh she’s heading out again and yipee she’s got me lead, at last run time down to the field, ok so no ball that’s cool that’s cool just leave me off this bloody lead please. Oh the in dignity of it I’ve had to poo whilst on the lead, where’s a dogs privacy gone, what home already. hour later she wants me to go in yard, sod that i’m sulking I’ll hand my head over the top step and look majorly depressed, she’ll give in give me a run.

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