Oh no, a haircut!

    Home – oh goody I thought, back to normal (though I usually go to bootcamp at the weekend and this is the weekend…) and what happens?  She lures me into the yard then goes for the scissors – haircut!  I love being brushed – stops tangles growing in my feathers – but haircuts are a different matter cos I’m terrified she’ll slip with the scissors and cut me. And I have to stay still, face this way, face the other way, stand up, sit down – makes me dizzy.

Actually it wasn’t so bad – only my chest and rear end (which, quite frankly, was getting a bit rank through no swimming) and the bits sprouting out of my toes.  Then I was rewarded with a gambol down the street – not running, you understand, just a happy skip.  I love the front street – loads of doggy smells.

THE CAT sat on her knee and gave me some thunderous looks – you’d think she didn’t like me when all I want to do is be friends.  Should introduce her to the Irish aunt’s two, Missy and Stylo, who know how to behave with K9s.


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