I am a yo-yo

What is going on???  I’m up and down the street like a yo-yo – home, bootcamp, home, bootcamp – and my poor brain is in a tizz.  I can’t tell what day it is with spending a night here, a night there but I did hear a whisper that after Easter (can I hear the rustle of chocolate wrappers?) I’ll be allowed back on the beach again, no more strung on lead!  Yeh, freedom!

      There’s going to be a family gathering on Easter Sunday as well which means a big meat joint with my mum’s proper gravy, which is making me drool already, and maybe a cake.  Talking of drooling – I had a narrow escape last night – nearly ate a wasp which was crawling on the carpet.  I had a sniff – and maybe a small sting because I started dancing about – and my mum thought I’d gone off on one of my crazies.  Fortunately she saw the beastie and smashed it with a newspaper then tossed it out of the window.



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