My favourite thing!!!

     Got yelled at for trampling through the daffodils in the park this morning – but it doesn’t matter because she says I can go to the beach tomorrow!  The beach – my favourite thing!  I’ve been allowed a short romp the last couple of days (okay, without my ball) and actually jumped the garden gate yesterday with no ill effects from the sprain so I’m being set free of the lead at last.  I’m beside myself, can’t wait.  Will I get to sleep tonight with all the excitement?

Went to the pub last night, had a bag of cheesy crisps (my favourite thing, can’t be doing with those boring ready salted) and was called handsome by another customer.  Gave her  a paw in thanks.

There was some serious baking going on in my house this morning – hot cross buns and pizza.  I love pizza, my favourite thing!  I bet if I’d been going to the beach every day I would have got more than a single mouthful.  They know pizza is my favourite thing in the whole wide world.

Or maybe it’s the beach…



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