Beach bliss

First day of the rest of my life – I’m back on the beach!  Heaven, absolute heaven, even though they didn’t bring the ball thrower.  Easing me in gently, apparently, but I got a good swim which got rid of the whiffy bits underneath (even I was starting to notice!).  Knee is fine and I’m going to have a big sleep to make sure.

Big shopping delivery this afternoon but I didn’t detect any meat.  No meat for Easter?  Oh, it’s going to be salmon – but she’s banging on about how big the whole fish is and, WHAT?, cooking it in the dishwasher because it won’t fit the oven.  I’ll believe that when I see it.  I like fish, could be my favourite thing!  She might make that lovely buttery hollandaise sauce as well.  Roll on Sunday – and I’ll get to the beach twice in between-times.


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