Stuck in the house most of the day while my mum went out for lunch with Sylvia.  No doggy bags forthcoming, the greedy things – even though mum had a hot roast beef sandwich and Sylvia had rabbit pudding, drool, drool.  When she got home she spent hours playing with her new ‘smart’ phone.  What’s smart about a phone, I ask?  What’s smart about my mum if it takes hours for her to work out how to make a call?  Bet I could work it but she doesn’t leave phones in my reach since I remodelled one as a puppy.  I’ve had fun this week with the decorator’s roll of paper towel – shreds beautifully.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I know there will be lots of food around and I always get the skin when we have fish.  I bet there’s a huge amount of skin on a 3kg salmon, yum yum, and I might get the head.   No one else is going to want the head, not even THE CAT cos she’s a fussy pussy, doesn’t countenance bones.  Will have fishy dreams tonight, I reckon.


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