You shall have a fishy…*

What a shame Easter Sunday only comes once a year.  There were lovely food smells in the house and loads of visitors who were greeted by my best excited welcome bark.  My mum and the Irish aunt (head of bootcamp) banished me to the yard a couple of times cos I was trying to supervise but they muttered that I got under their feet.

Anyway, the dishwashered salmon was a great success and I had some in my dinner as well as for breakfast this morning but that got me into trouble again when I spat the bones on the kitchen floor.  They were clean, for heaven’s sake, I’d sucked all the flesh off before discarding them.  I’m not so hungry I have to eat bones!  There’s loads left so I expect a couple more meals with the luscious pink stuff.  I didn’t get even a sniff oc chocolate – they say it’s bad for dogs.  Huh.

Unfortunately I overdid things on the beach this morning and am limping again after a weekend of freedom.  Hope it’s shorter than two weeks’ rest this time.  I’ll be good, mum, if only you don’t string me up on the lead all the time.

* Traditional Northumberland song


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