Spitting tacks

My mum is spitting tacks (that’s the polite version!).  Decorator been here for two weeks already, was supposed to start on our sitting room today – and didn’t turn up after she’d taken down curtains and pictures and moved all the knicknacks.  Does a good job but gets sidetracked with emergencies.  She gave him a whopping great rocket on the phone – has to be done by weejkend (more visitors, love visitors) and she would start it herself!  She’s was very ill a while ago and doesn’t have the stamina any more to do lots of physical work but she got stuck in with sandpaper, undercoated woodwork, painted the fireplace and a friend offered to do the ceiling.  She says we have to live with dust sheets all over until it’s finished but I don’t mind that as long as my mum is happy.

Wouldn’t like to be the decorator when he arrives tomorrow…think I’ll take myself to the beach to get out of the way.


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