My mum does a Marilyn Monroe

Back on light duties since the limp returned (ok, ok, shouldn’t have gone full pelt after the ball at the weekend) but had a great morning on the beach teasing a young cocker spaniel we meet often.  My mum says he runs circles round me but in fact I let him have my ball then dance around him until he gets distracted by something else (seaweed, gulls, pigeons, pugs…) and swipe it back. I am not a wuss, whatever she says!

Peace has been restored with the decorator but my mum has waded in herself and started the wallpapering.  It’s going to be tight getting it all finished and put back to rights by Saturday.  In my opinion she should get takeaways instead of burning herself out cooking.  No point having friends around if she falls asleep, is there?

She was shattered after the work – which looks great – so ran a bath and poured her favourite drink, a gin and tonic (has to be Schweppes, she says).  Afterwards she topped it up and wouldn’t listen to me that she’d got the wrong bottle.  Who ever heard of rum, gin and tonic (even if it is Schweppes)???  Now she’s doing a Marilyn Monroe which is, apparently, lying on the bed wearing nothing but Chanel No 5.  No pictures, she says, absolutely no pictures.


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