No doggy bag

My mum goes out to eat with her friends last night instead of cooking and comes home with – a big fat nothing.  I was sure they would have had spare food and brought me a doggy bag but no, disappointed again, not even a crust of naan bread.  It was difficult to get over my disappointment and let myself be cuddled but I managed it somehow.  Peter loves dogs and gave me lots of attention and a couple of sly bits of chocolate when no-one was looking.  They were all laughing and chatting so must have had a good time so I’m pleased my mum had a bright end to the week.

Today Becky is visiting with her two young sprogs and I bet there’ll be some treats.  It’s great when kids come cos they drop crumbs when they eat and I’m there to mop up instead of my mum having to get the vacuum out.  Every home should have a dog – we’re so good at housework.



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