Ups and downs

Got back from the beach this morning to a wonderful smell of baking – two lots of scones!  Generally my mum makes only one kind but she produced spicy fruit as well as cheese and spring onion.  Haven’t tried one of the fruit yet – not eaten much fruit since I tried kiwis as a puppy (oh, yuk, seeds and hairy peel in my gnashers) – so will have to think about this.  Though, if there’s plenty of butter on, she could just win me over.  I’m considered somewhat of an expert taster around here, with quite a refined palate.

For more of my culinary preferences, see the Oops page (above).

Having scones makes up for a traumatic experience last night when I was trapped in the sitting room for what seemed a lifetime.  Just wanted to pop out to inspect the yard (…you know what I mean) and found my way was barred, completely impassable.  The CAT was there!  Mum was watching Scott & Bailey, that TV cop show with the women (sort of up-to-date Brit version of Cagney and Lacey AND she says it’s really authentic) and the DCI was having a forthright, and funny, go at her ex so she didn’t notice my plight for ages. I was so scared, didn’t know what to do.

There are certainly ups and downs in a dog’s life.


2 thoughts on “Ups and downs

  1. Hi Truffle,my young friend,you won’t remember me but my mum knows your mum and dad. My name is Ben and Henry and I live beside your doggie family. More puppies next month,by the way. Now let me tell you a thing or two about scones,especially cheese scones. Henry and I behave like perfect little doggy angels when our mum has friends in for coffee. We even follow the guests to the door when she says her goodbyes.That can take a grown up human a wee while. By the time she comes back into the sitting room to clear away the coffee cups etc we have kindly cleared up the plate of buttered scones. Poor old dear has thought she must have cleared away the plate already! This is a tip for you young pup, you have to learn the “Moi?” expression. It never fails. Enjoy your walks, Woofs from Ben and that little pest Henry.

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