Oh, toe is me!


What a day.  Up early, taken to the vets’ surgery and left there – thought when I got in the car I was going to the beach!   The vets and staff at Strachan Veterinary Group (Newcastle and Tynemouth) are the top dollar – remembered my name, gave me loads of attention and, after a pleasant sleep, I woke up with my left leg covered in plastic up to the shoulder.  I had no trouble getting that off, toot sweet as they say!

Drat, told I had to have some sort of support as I’ve broken a toe in a Y-shape.  Mr Strachan says he usually only sees that kind of fracture in racing greyhounds, and must have landed hard, toes down.  Don’t remember anything out of the ordinary on yesterday’s trip to the beach because it was only after we got home that it started to bother me.  Just thinking – dog racing – maybe I can have a new career after I’m recovered!

So I came home in a fetching purple bandage which my mum, overcome with the excitement of picking me up, mistook for a sock.  Obviously doesn’t know that socks are for tug of war.  I’m not to get the bandage wet so they tied a poo bag (the indignity of it!) round when I went to get in the car and my mum has done the same every time I’ve gone in the yard.  Being indoors all day, and sedated, WOW was I glad to have a peruse around the facilities back home.  Fortunately they couldn’t find anything wrong with my bones in the leg which caused my first limp – soft tissue damage which will come right if I take it easy.

The Irish aunt and sprog have been to visit – that roused me sharpish and I had no trouble delivering my best noisy greeting for them.  Sprog has been cooking cookies at school    and they brought a sample.  I was allowed a bit and it was YUMMY.  Very nice after tuna in my dinner as a treat for being such a good boy.

My mum has been whispering I’m not very bright for still wanting to play and jump around with a bandaged foot and in the other leg.  She’s only human, doesn’t understand a dog’s psyche at all.


2 thoughts on “Oh, toe is me!

  1. Poor Truffle,you will have to rest.Enjoy being spoilt.Do not try to dominate THAT CAT. woof,Ben and Henry.

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