Been a bad boy…

I’m in the most awful trouble.  Mum took me to the front door and I thought ‘freedom, yea’, all my senses left me and I belted down the path, launched into the air…and wheeeeeeeeee, over the front gate.  OUCH!!!  She called me names I can’t repeat on here, especially when I continued gambolling, on three legs, across to the bushes to sniff who had been down the street since my last inspection.  Well, I got hauled inside pretty quick, I tell you, barely had time to water the ivy.  She says I’m not allowed out the front again until the limp has gone.  Oh, woe is me!

Today, to keep my mind occupied, we played the biscuit game – she gets three beakers then hides a biscuit under one of them and shuffles them around.  Didn’t I just get the biscuit every time.  I’m such an intelligent dog.

Tomorrow we are going in the car to see our friend Di and I’ll enjoy that.  If only it would be sunny and we can have the roof down so I can sit on the front seat, strapped in of course, and let the wind blow my ears back – the Grace Kelly look, without the headscarf.


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