Lots of attention

We’ve been visiting today and I got to play with new toys (abandoned by the resident cat who sat on the stairs and looked at me with an expression like she’d sucked a lemon), christen Di’s outdoor facilities and try out the cat flap – good for seeing who’s at the door, catflaps – just the right size for my muzzle.  Wish my mum had one but she says she’s not going to spoil an original Victorian door just so THE CAT can come and go as she pleases, bringing in her mates at all hours.  Mind, I don’t know that Sherry has any friends – most feline visitors get the bum’s rush and she once chased a Labrador puppy who had the temerity to speak to her, down the street.  Poor thing was terrified.  Like me, if I’m honest.

At home there’s a new ball which my mum is hiding biscuits in and I have to get them out.  The first one was a doddle but I’ve still not got the next one out.  Time enough later.  Need a snooze now after a busy day.  But my paw isn’t so bothersome as the last two days.  Should not have leapt that gate…


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