Adding insult to injury

Not only am I suffering with my broken toe – no beach, no rough play, no being let upstairs for an early morning cuddle – now my mum tells me I am on a diet cos it’s going to be four-six weeks before I am fit.  Cutting my food intake – what troubles a dog has to endure.  There doesn’t seem to be too much less in my bowl but the treats have diminished.  Course, I used to run it off easily but now I’m not getting further than the back gate.  I don’t think barking uses many calories.  Maybe she’ll give me fruit instead.  I know I’ve turned my nose up in the past but my tum has to be filled with something.  Apples! Carrots! Plums!  Mmm, maybe not plums.  Don’t they make you ‘go’?  I go enough already.

Heard her on the phone this evening making an appointment with the (whisper) vet for next week.  They said I had to get a check after a week or ten days.  Maybe I’ll be allowed to have the bandage off, or maybe changed for a different colour.  Red, orange, green?  Must ponder on that.



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