Made a nuisance of myself in the pub

My mum made an excuse of the heavy rain not to take me on any more walks when she could see I was recovering rapidly and up for it.  So, thank heavens it’s sunny today and I got to go round the block again – and was actually let off the lead to gambol about!  She hopes it will take the edge of my pent-up energy, of course, and I have to say I made a bit of a nuisance of myself in the pub last night to show how frustrated I was becoming.

I love going to the pub cos I get loads of attention from customers, can have a bit of a chin wag with other sociable dogs and am fed a third of any crisps which are going though I hate it when they buy the chilli variety which stings my delicate taste buds.  Unfortunately last night I took an immediate dislike to a fellow canine and was tugged unceremoniously under the table when I wanted to put him in his place.

Someone on the next table made a fuss of me and said she wanted a dog just like me but her husband says no.  My mum spoilt any chance she might have had by saying I’d been a nightmare as a puppy.  How could she say that when I studiously avoided chewing any of her shoes and concentrated on unimportant things like the kitchen wall, plants and pork steaks?



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