Pester power

Had to pester something rotten to get my mum off the sofa and out this morning.  She kept saying things like ‘later, I’m watching Saturday Kitchen’, ‘phworrr, James Martin’ and ‘look at those daft old testosterone filled Italian chefs’ despite me conjuring up my best doleful puppy look and pawing her.  Eventually it worked and we had a gorgeous trip to the park where there a still a few daffodils which appreciate a bit of watering.

Met a rather lovely flat coated retriever on the way back and gave her the once over.  When we got home the dog pack was in the back yard so I made sure they’d not scoffed the breakfast I refused to eat and put them to rights with a few choice grumps and grizzles. At lunchtime I was allowed to share my mum’s smoked salmon (cos she’d put far too much on her plate…)  Altogether a good start to the weekend.  I’m hoping the vet on Monday will be so pleased with me that I’ll be allowed more freedom cos I’m going stir crazy on this light duties regime.


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