PINK – they only had pink!

My new bandage is PINK – and real Barbie pink at that.  How will I ever be able to hold my head up in front of the dog pack?  How can pink be the only colour they had?   Vet says if I get the bandage wet my foot will get yukky and it will have to be changed more often.  Thinks – maybe if I get it really wet I can have another colour???

Vet was pleased with my progress but confirms it takes at least four weeks to mend a broken bone.  So no beach yet.  I hope it will still be there when I’m fit.  It might disappear!  It was so misty tonight as my mum drove me past that she couldn’t see the sea. What will we do if it goes away and doesn’t come back?

We went for a walk when we got home but I was raring to go and got rid of the plastic bag in seconds.  That got me a right earwigging from my mum and because I was charging ahead she kept it up all the time until we got back saying if I dragged her over there would be two of us with broken bones and no walks at all.  Best hide and go to sleep ….


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