My paw is yuk!

Mum took off the pink bandage off today – oh, what a disgusting paw awaited me!  Looked ok but the smell, phew.  Well, what your foot smell like if it had been wrapped up for three weeks?  Gave it a right good licking, much to my mum’s disgust cos she’s found the same sort of sticky bandage in our shops and plans to wrap it up again when it’s dry. Thank heaven it’s blue and not that pink again.  Looks girly and gets filthy straight away.

Had a wonderful morning playing with a young cocker spaniel pup which came to call.   At first he was chewing my toys and wouldn’t let me play but at managed to persuade him.  We had a good tear around the sitting room, playing chase and tug-of-war.  Quite wore me out; not as young as I used to be.  Three in human years is almost 30, nearly middle age.


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