Can’t leave her alone…

I go to bootcamp for the weekend and what happens – my mum gets into all sorts of scrapes.

Meets a friend for lunch, buys a paper then trips 200 yards from home and crashes down hard on her left knee.  Ooouuuch!!!  Fortunately a nice young man, curly black hair, shades, ipod plugged in, rescued her bag and gave her a help to get her back on her feet, offered to phone someone, even to see her home.  Nothing broken so she made her own way but wasn’t in the mood for the back gate lock refusing to open.  Truth be told, it’s been wonky for a while so later she got out a screwdriver and fixed it.  Think she was hoping the new gates would have been fitted before it really played up.

Having soothed her damaged knee with arnica (fantastic for bruises), she settled down to read the paper with the cat insisting on sitting on her knee.  But the cat changes her mind, gets up and accidentally scratches my poor mum’s neck.  Ooouuuch again!

Never trust a cat, I say.

She’s pretty fed up by this stage but more was to come.  She was going out to eat with friends and stopped to get petrol – didn’t the hose get stuck in the car as she was filling up!!  Then when she opens her purse to pay – no debit card.  Is it lost or in her jeans back home?  What a day – shows I can’t leave her alone for a minute.


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