Poorly sick

Would you believe it – back romping gleefully on the sand with my pals one morning and to the vet with an awful stomach bug the next.  My mum came down this morning to find I hadn’t been able to hold in either end after having the runs yesterday.  She panicked a bit cos there was a lot of bright red blood in the big messy puddle I’d deposited on the kitchen tiles and whisked me straight in the car and to the vet.

Vet gave me a thorough going over (didn’t like the bit with the glove AT ALL!) and said it appeared to be a tummy bug.  Apparently there’s a bug going around.  Two injections later (antibiotic; stomach calming stuff) we came away with enough medications to rival Boots.  Of course I’m restricted to quarters again in case I pass it on to anyone else in the K9 family.  Bit annoying as the vet said my toe had a good callus – which means the bone has repaired itself – and I would have passed the fitness test.

I laid low while my mum cleared up the mess, having first suffered the indignity – not to say chill – of having the hose sluiced down my smelly nether regions.  Trouble with having a long feathery tail is that it’s hard to avoid it getting messy when things aren’t right at the rear end.  I’m going to rest for the remainder of the day cos my tummy is rather sore, too sore to even contemplate the pasta and egg mum made me as a light lunch.  Maybe she’ll tempt my taste buds by adding something more flavourful later.

Mum says a big thank you, again, to the Strachan Veterinary Group.



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