Patient condition check: improving

Phew, didn’t like having all those pills and gunk forced down my throat but they seem to have stopped this tummy bug dead in its tracks.  I had a really comfy night with no accidents and feel so much better today, though I’m not 100% just yet.  My mum came down in the middle of the night to see if I was okay and I got lots or praise cos the newspaper she’d put down on the floor for me was clean.  Nothing at breakfast time either.

We had friends in for breakfast – alfresco in the back yard cos there was sun and a clear blue sky – which was great cos I got some scraps of smoked salmon in my dish.  Doesn’t half perk up pasta and egg so I lapped it up double quick.  It’s stayed down and not gone flying through me either!

If I continue to improve this way and don’t spit out any of the pills (she found the giant one-a-day tablet I’d hidden under my food dish…), she says we can be back on the beach tomorrow.  Guess I’d better look after myself for a bit and not give my mum any more nasty scares – or vet bills.


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