Lame again

My mum says we should have a season ticket for the vet’s.

I’m charging along the beach full of the joys of spring and, whoops, something went in my right leg and I’m limping again.  I put my paw down a few times to test the water, so to speak, but….OOWWWCH!  Back home it really was difficult moving around so my mum took pity on me and let me sleep in the sitting room overnight.  I love being in there but I was too sore to climb on the sofa.

Then, of course, we’re off to the vet surgery again – three times in as many weeks.  Vet gave me a thorough examination and said I was being really brave but that a moan or two would help her work out what was wrong.  Couldn’t manage it cos I knew there was a lovely black Labrador bitch in the waiting room and I didn’t want her to think I was a wuss by yelping.  So it was painkillers and anti-inflammatories again and the threat of an x-ray if it didn’t settle in a couple of days.  Vet said I might be sleepy with one of the medications and wow, did it lay me flat for the rest of the day.  No energy, didn’t feel hungry, really hangdog.  But a good night’s sleep (carpet again, hee hee) and I’m feeling much better today – can even put my foot down a bit.  Need to do a bit of positive thinking – I will get well, I will get well, I w…i….l….l…..  zzzzzz


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