Phew it’s hot!

We’re having a heatwave here in Whitley Bay and my mum and me are spending half the day soaking up the sun in the back yard.  Well, to be honest, I’m lying in the shade while she soaks up the sun cos with a fur coat it gets mighty hot in the open.  I was a bit on edge cos she didn’t sit and read today, she was shifting plant pots about and sweeping up leaves and sand which I bring in from the beach.  Every time I was comfy she came rattling round to where I was.  Didn’t know where to lie down with all the busying.  Then she went for a massage and brought back some more plants so I decided to keep out of the way and slept on the cool tiles in the hall.

I’m getting back to normal – hopefully – and had a couple of runs down the street which were great.  Lots of sniffs in the hedge, a cat or two to chase (don’t tell Sherry!) – freedom!


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