Fans, I have fans!

Loud knocking on our door this afternoon and what do we have – two kids from the street asking to play with me: FANS!  They’d parked their bikes on our path but I soon jumped over them to get out.  Piece of cake – long jump rather than high jump over the gate.  We had a lovely romp about and I watered the ivy, saves messing the back yard.  Mind, with all the sun we’ve been having my mum has been watering the plant pots every night so the yard gets a daily wash.

We have some lovely things – hostas, apple trees, honeysuckle, clematis. ferns, herbs, even some potatoes.  They’re a happy accident.  My mum found some potatoes sprouting in her vegetable drawer and was going to throw them out before having a brainwave and planting them.  I don’t actually like vegetables, though she tries to sneak some into my dish if there are any leftovers.  I’m pretty good at rooting them out and spitting them on the floor.  She tells me off for doing that but, for heaven’s sake, I’m a dog; dogs are carnivores, not vegetarians.


One thought on “Fans, I have fans!

  1. Ooo Truff sounds like you have a lovely garden, and some nice friends to play with! I like to ‘help’ my Mum when she is planting stuff in my garden, I’m great at digging… I love all sorts of food – even veggies 🙂 woof woof

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