I have a new pal

What a great day – lovely walk up the waggonway where there were some great muddy puddles (hosed down later, hate that!) then we had a visit from the new neighbour and her huge greyhound Mac.  I like Mac.  He’s black and enormous with legs like a giraffe.  He’s a bit nervous because he was a racer then ended up in a rescue centre and has only had a proper home for nine months.

He wasn’t too nervous to accept biscuits or try out my sheepskin lined bed for size.  It’s too small really but he managed to curl up and rest his head on the top like I do.  The daft thing is that he wouldn’t use the bigger one his mum had and she gave it away!  I sat alongside and tried to lick him which he tolerated for a while then put his ears back which is, apparently, the sign that he’s had enough.  I’ll have to be patient and teach him doggy things gradually.



One thought on “I have a new pal

  1. How’s Mac doing now with his ‘doggie training’?? Alfie woof x

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