I went to the party

What a fantastic day I had at our diamond jubilee street party.  Loads of people, loads of food and us dogs were free to roam around, be petted, have fun in the sun and beg the odd sausage.  Cos the sun shined which it didn’t for the big pageant on the river in London.

My mum cooked loads of things – scones, sausage rolls, mini pasties, mini eggy things – and the Irish aunt brought party packs for all the kids.  She also brought a jewellery making kit and set the girls to make necklaces, two of which ended up round my neck with my patriotic red, white and blue scarf.  The scarf is off but mum has left the beads – says I look like a hippy and she likes it.  Hopefully they will float off in one of my swims later in the week.



2 thoughts on “I went to the party

  1. Lovely photo’s Truff – is that your friend Mac with his scarf on – looks just like my friend Bella! I’ll get my Mum to put some photo’s of me on FB (she says I’m soooo handsome – mind you she is a bit nutty :-)) Phowarr them cakes at the bottom look good enough to scoff, did you get to taste them? woof woof woof Alfie x

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