Wounded (again) !

In the wars again.  I get over a broken toe and the lameness on the other leg when what do I do but tear off a claw on the beach.  Same toe as the one I broke.  Must admit I hardly noticed but my mum was very upset at all the blood.  Shame, I’d just tempted her down to the waterline to throw stones in the sea (lost my ball as soon as I got on the beach), had a couple of short swims then, oops, my left foot is pouring blood.  Loads of it.

Well that cut short the walk good and proper.  Hurried off back to the car despite frolicking about to show it wasn’t really bothering me but, no, had to go straight home and be examined.  OUCH when she got in close but the blood stopped, she left me to lick it a bit and it’s not interfering with anything I do so I got on with the rest of my day – a good sleep, playing with my toys then, joy of joys, the pub.  I love the pub – I get crisps and lots of petting from the other customers, especially when I lie on the route to the loo.

Can’t understand why I’m so accident prone recently – first three years completely healthy but in the last three months if it’s not one leg it’s the other.  The compensation when I’m under the weather is that I get lots of treats and tonight it’s going to be lasagne cos there’s loads left over from last night.  Eat your heart out, Garfield!


2 thoughts on “Wounded (again) !

  1. Woof Woof Woof….. (Alfie says hope it heals quickly – although not too quickly or the special treats might dry-up!!) x

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