Girls only

Huh, just learnt I’m not invited to the goddaughter’s birthday party tomorrow – because it’s GIRLS ONLY!!  How about that for a snub, especially after all the training I’ve done with her.  To think I’ve let myself wear that silly necklace she made at the jubilee street party and I’m not invited to celebrate her 8th birthday.  Worse, my mum is going to another party later on and I’m not invited to that either.  I’m in a real huff.

Perhaps they’ll save me some birthday cake – although it’s really pink, like the bandage I was forced to wear when I broke my toe.  Still, cake is cake.  My mum made it – pink cake, pink icing and loads of different chocolates.  I did get a single white chocolate drop from the decorations – they’re okay for dogs cos there’s not much real chocolate in them.  Sometimes get one from a box that my mum has cos she doesn’t like white chocolate.

It’s a pamper party with a real hairdresser, a make-up session and my mum is painting the girls’ fingernails.

On second thoughts, maybe I’m better off not going – might end up covered in mascara and that Jessica ‘Passionate Kisses’ nail polish my mum likes so much which is bright pink.  Wouldn’t that be the ultimate embarrassment?

PS – my broken claw is still not fully healed but I’m managing cos I’m such a brave dog.


One thought on “Girls only

  1. Talked to your mum earlier year, she didn’t tell me you weren’t invited. That really is the ultimate snub!!!!!!!!!!!

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