We had visitors, I love visitors

And it wasn’t just the two-legged variety – my greyhound pal Mack came to visit.  I got invited to go for a walk with him then when we got home he came in and made himself right at home.  He scoffed the remains of my dinner – bit of a cheek, was saving that for later – and even got on the sofa!  But he wouldn’t play and bowffed at me when I tried pawing him to get a response.  Of course he’s got a lot to learn still about being a proper dog as he’s only had a real home, kindness and affection for nine months whereas I’ve been coddled since birth.  It’s not right that greyhounds are bred for sport then thrown out when they finish racing.  But he’s got a good life now and is welcome here for play training any time cos I love visitors.






3 thoughts on “We had visitors, I love visitors

  1. Woof!!! I’d love to come and play at your house, it looks lovely 🙂 I’m sure Mac will soon ‘learn the ropes’ he does look to be right at home with you and your toys! If you’re ever near my house I’d love to play with you (and Mac) and I could even take you to our park, it’s great there’s so much to do there – the River Gade and the Grand Union canal run through my park, it’s such a shame I can’t swim (although I do love a paddle). We live very close to the lovely Whippendell Woods, chasing rabbitts there is such fun! …from Alfie (the Schnauzer) x x

  2. You can’t swim? All dogs can swim – haven’t you heard of the doggy paddle? I’ll have to teach you.

  3. Not me, just ask my Dad – he had to retrieve me from the Canal… my Mum was furious with him (well I am her most handsomest little boy you know!!). My Dad’s a good swimmer, but for some reason he doesn’t like the Canal – don’t know why 🙂 🙂

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