Raining cats and dogs

Have you ever heard the saying ‘raining cats and dogs’ ?  Now I know where it comes from!  Today the rain in Whitley Bay is like nothing I’ve ever seen before – bouncing off the ground.  You don’t need to have your own bowl – it splashes straight up into your mouth!

Where I live they call it ‘stottin down’ – that’s Geordie, a whole different language which I’ve had to learn cos I started life with a Scottish accent.  Hoots mon and all that. There’s been thunder as well but I’m not frightened cos it sounds just like a Metro train.

Of course us canines go out in all weathers.  I particularly like the snow when my mum throws snowballs and I try to find them.  That sometimes taxes my brain a bit, can’t fathom out at all where they go.

My broken claw is still sore and I give it a lot of attention.  The bootcamp boss bought a chew to distract me.  I like a nice tasty chew – wonder how often I have to lick my paw to ensure a constant supply?


2 thoughts on “Raining cats and dogs

  1. Lol – I beg to differ mum Sue, I was forced out in the rain a while ago to go for a wee and when it started to thunder I jumped up on the sofa and hid my head under the cushion – Hard as nails Mum honest x x

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