Doggy SOS as we rescue Mack

If the rain was hard at the weekend, wow, today was a monsoon with sheets of rain with thunder and lightning right overhead.  It got so dark you would have thought it was a November afternoon, not June.  Trains and the Metro stopped, lightning struck the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle and loads of cars were stranded in floods.

We were okay tucked up in the house but, as the thunder got worse, my mum got a phone call asking if she could check on Mack next door as he was alone with just a cat for comfort.  (If she’s anything like our cat, that wouldn’t be much!)

Poor Mack, the rescue greyhound,  was really spooked so mum brought him into our house and tried to calm him down.  He was panting really hard and wouldn’t sit for 45 minutes even though my mum was cuddling him and I gave him some friendly licks to try to make him feel better.

Eventually he settled down but I was a good boy and decided to leave him alone so he could recover from the trauma.  I think I would have been very frightened on my own cos, as I said, cats aren’t much use.  Ours slept through the whole storm.  Cats really have no emotions.



3 thoughts on “Doggy SOS as we rescue Mack

  1. Aw you’re a good friend truffle, Mack is lucky to have you ❤

  2. scary times – well done Truffle – you’ve earned a ‘good neighbour medal/bone’

  3. No bone! My mum won’t let me have bones – hates the mess I make on the floor, tough luck. She’s hard on me, my mum. But the boot camp boss is a soft touch and I get lots of chews there.

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