Topped and tailed

She’s been at me with the scissors again – topped and tailed, she calls it – trimming my ears, toes and rear end.  Waited until we got back from the fields them ambushed me, got me between her knees and snip, snip, snip, my bum was nearly bare!  The tail got the treatment and my lugs.  My ears do get slobbery in the summer if they’re not trimmed cos  they end just about jaw level and in hot weather the hair gets bleached.  No chance this summer!

Some of the Springer Spaniels we see on the beach actually get shaved!  My mum doesn’t like that look – always keeps my tail and leg feathers and a bit of length on the ears.  She layers the hair on my ears so it goes curly like it did when I was a pup.

Good news: my broken claw is healed and growing again.


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