Well and truly vetted

Hey ho, we’ve been to see the vet again – we, as in me and THE CAT.  This was to get the annual booster vaccinations, not another injury or illness.  I really thought we were going to the beach when I got in the car boot.  The waiting room isn’t bad – loads of other animals to talk to – but, after all the treatments earlier in the year, I made for the street door when my name was called.  However, I was pronounced in blooming health and even THE CAT passed her MOT with flying colours.  She was transported in her basket and I could hear her wails from the boot but she was well behaved in the surgery, hardly raised a claw when her teeth were examined.  The vet said that cats are living to 24 now which means possibly nine more years with the madam.

How will I manage – she’s a tyrant.


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