Mack’s a poor host

Me and my mum were invited next door to watch the Paralympics opening ceremony on their posh big telly (3D no less, but I didn’t get a pair of specs…) and what does Mack do – climbs on the sofa and promptly goes to sleep for the duration.  I thought he was a very poor host.  When he comes in my house I play with him, groom his ears and generally look after him rather than flopping down comatose.

Seems I didn’t impress their cat which met me at the top of the stairs with a hiss worthy of Sherry, then took to the back of the sofa so she could glare down on me.  This meant I was free to mooch round on my own to finish off Mack’s food – he has a RAISED feeding station – and snaffle a biscuit he’d refused.  Not a bad visit after all.


Post hols blog

Haven’t been able to write anything on here for ages because my mum went on holiday and didn’t leave me the password for the computer.  I was at boot camp for the duration which was a doddle cos the sprog went with my mum and I had a fortnight free from forcible dressing up and necklace modelling.   I got to the beach every day and slept on the Irish aunt’s bed every night which I’m not allowed to do at home, LOL.

The sprog had a great time seeing her grandparents and Irish cousins.  They had their own Olympics and saw a wild dolphin in a creek off the beach.  I would so like to swim with a dolphin!