Mack’s a poor host

Me and my mum were invited next door to watch the Paralympics opening ceremony on their posh big telly (3D no less, but I didn’t get a pair of specs…) and what does Mack do – climbs on the sofa and promptly goes to sleep for the duration.  I thought he was a very poor host.  When he comes in my house I play with him, groom his ears and generally look after him rather than flopping down comatose.

Seems I didn’t impress their cat which met me at the top of the stairs with a hiss worthy of Sherry, then took to the back of the sofa so she could glare down on me.  This meant I was free to mooch round on my own to finish off Mack’s food – he has a RAISED feeding station – and snaffle a biscuit he’d refused.  Not a bad visit after all.


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