I wuz scared!

Ordinarily I’m not allowed upstairs – something about THE CAT having her own space – so when I get the chance I like to snoop and see what I’m missing.  So when my mum went up and forgot to fasten the baby gate behind her (a baby gate, I ask you!), I snuck up and had a wander round, scoffed any catfood I could find then made my way downstairs.

Horror of horrors – the gate had closed behind me!!  I managed to attact my mum’s attention but she just laughed and then – oh, I nearly passed out – THE CAT crept through the stair rails and perched on a step above me.  I wuz scared, really scared.

Get me outta here!

One thought on “I wuz scared!

  1. Truffle, you’re a wuss – mind you, I’d rather face you being angry than face Sherry being angry, so maybe you’re not a wuss after all. x

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