Missed out AGAIN!

While I was away at weekend bootcamp my mum invited my mate, rescue greyhound Mak, and his owners round and I missed out AGAIN!  The humans had risotto and meringues with salted caramel sauce and Mak had treats of cheese.  I like cheese; where’s my share.  Excuse is that he was scared of the fireworks going off in the run-up to bonfire night and had to have a distraction.  If I’d been there I could have distracted him, no problem, and maybe we could have shared the cheese which was a special smoked one my mum brought back from Cheshire. 

In even more of a huff cos THE CAT allowed Mak to get up real close in front of the fire and didn’t utter a single hiss.  She’s awful to me most of the time though I must admit she was okay when I got on the bed with her and mum a few days ago.  I have to rise above my fear and ignore her.

Time to perfect my ‘I see no cats’ expression.


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