We are a menagerie

The Irish aunt and sprog are away for a few days so me and my mum have been entrusted with looking after Harry Hamster.  He lives at bootcamp so I know him very well but have no idea how The Cat is going to react to a rodent in the house.  We’d better keep the lid tight on his cage cos I think she’d have him for brekkie if he got out – hamsters are bottom of the food chain for cats.

Harry Hamster samples tomato

He’s getting spoilt of course – baby tomatoes (suppose that’s the right size for something only 12cm long), pecan nuts, carrot sticks.  What I don’t understand is that he stores the food in his cheeks for later.  I’d scoff it all off straight away – well, maybe not tomato or carrots.  I usually leave those if my mum sneaks any into my dinner – vegetables, yuk.


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