Fun with friends

Mak, my rescue greyhound neighbour, and James called to take me to the beach but I’d already been so stayed at home for a restorative nap.  We had great fun when they returned.  I make a fuss of Mak, James makes a fuss of me then I make a fuss of James who is one of the few humans to like being licked.  Mum hates being licked – says it’s not that she doesn’t know where my tongue has been, rather that she knows exactly where it’s been.  Eh?

As soon as they came in Mak made for the kitchen cos there was the remains of last night’s chicken.  Mum chased after him cos he’s so big he can help himself to any goodies on the kitchen bench.  She didn’t let him have any chicken but he scoffed the leftover potatoes roasted in olive oil and rosemary and I had dog biscuits.  Why didn’t I get the savoury spuds, I ask.  Oh, yes, I don’t do veg.


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