But I’ve never been in a kennel!

Taken to the vet this morning and diagnosed with kennel cough.  How can that be – I’ve never been in a kennel!  She said there was a lot of it about – in fact another pooch had just been told the same – and that most of the dogs in Tynemouth were in quarantine.

Which is where I am now – no beach, just surrepticious runs down the street – cos it’s a highly contagious viral disease and I haven’t to have contact with any other dogs unless they have been vaccinated against it.  Apparently it’s like whooping cough in humans.  I should be clear ten days after starting the medication, which is anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.  Plus baby cough syrup at bedtime to soothe my throat.

I’ve had an occasional cough for a few days but I had a real bad night last night, honking away and retching at all hours.  SP1050456o it was in the car and to the vet’s first thing.  At least this time she didn’t put me on the table, not at my hulking 23k.

I’ve slept most of the afternoon, having not got much overnight, and the coughing has subsided a lot.  Thrown up on the sitting room rug a couple of times but been excused as I’m not well.

It’s a pity I’m confined to barracks cos it’s been snowing and there is a lovely crisp covering.  I like snow, especially when my mum throws snowballs and they disappear.  That’s a good game.

The cough syrup is blackcurrant flavour.  Wonder if I like blackcurrants.


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