Freedom at last – I was allowed down the beach this morning, the first time in two weeks and it was glorious.  Hallelujah!

The sun was shining and there were huge rock pools because a storm last week had washed a lot of the sand away and the tide was out.  With it being the weekend, everybody and their mutt was on the beach so I got to say hello to Dexter, the huge gentle Newfoundland, and a minx of a whippet called Pip.  She pinched my ball quite a few times but I’m a gentleman and let her play with it.  I was allowed a little swim and had such a good time.

My mum says I was getting stir crazy and that’s probably why I took revenge on Rudolph.  She’s kidding herself cos I loathed those antlers (even more than I hate THE CAT).

P1050523I love the beach – it’s my favourite thing.  Sure beats a quick run down the street and will keep me quiet for the rest of the day.  Now for a proper business sleep cos I’ve not had such a lot of exercise in ages.  Sweet dreams…..beach, ball, beach, Dexter, beach….zzz


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