Me and Mak have a party!

Deliriously happy – I’m four on February 1 and my mum is putting on a party for me and Mak who, by the greatest co-incidence, has a birthday the very same day.

Ready for a party

              I love parties!

He’s older than me, of course, but no wonder we get on so well – born under the same star sign, Aquarius.  That also probably explains why I am so fond of water though it doesn’t fit with Mak who restricts himself to a paddle in the sea and hates going out in the rain.  Me, I love all water, especially the sea where I can swim.  Actually, that’s not quite true – I hate being washed down with the hose pipe when I’m muddy, even if it is the same temperature as the sea.

My mum says it’s a BYOB party – bring your own Boneo, not any of that wine stuff.  I hope there will be lots of sausage rolls.  Me and Mak like sausage rolls.



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