The most unpopular creature in this house is…

The most unpopular creature in this house at the moment is…THE CAT!!  She’s continued with the early morning shenanigans which are driving my mum mad and is now officially in the dog house.  It starts at any time from 5.30am – yowling for food, yowling to be out, yowling to be in, yowling once she gets in – and disturbs the whole household, ie me and my mum.  Today my mum said she’d had enough and if the madam wanted out she could go out and stay out, despite the fact that it was freezing.

The up side to this is that I get to go upstairs, scoff her leftover food and cuddle with my mum for a bit.


When we came downstairs at a reasonable time the madam didn’t seem to have minded being shut out for hours as she was rooting around the garden rather than huddled on the doorstep trying to make my mum feel guilty.

She came in, had some food then tripped off upstairs to nap all day.  If she went down the beach like me and had a run she’d get her life the right way round.  As if would dream of sleeping all day!



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