Home from my hols

2013-04-03 15.59.16

Wow, what a lovely time I had on my hols – riding in the back seat of the car, sniffing out loads of new territory and being fussed by loads of new people.  We had a room right near to a door so I could get outside easily and the grounds were gorgeous – masses of new smells and snow.  I love snow, catching balls of it which melt in my mouth.  We visited a village near Bradford called Saltaire, a World Heritage Site (which means it’s special) and I had a terrific romp beside the canal.   http://www.saltairevillage.info/

But my mum says I also have to write about how I blotted my copybook.  OK, OK, I did bark constantly the first time I was left in our room so that neighbours complained – but I was lonely and in a strange place.  After that I holed up in the car boot when my family went to eat or I sat with my mum in the leisure centre lounge while the Irish aunt and sprog went off to swim.  Also, I made muddy footprints on the carpet of our room after we’d been on a woodland walk (the towels too, but don’t say a word about them) and split my lip chasing the ball on the terrace.

Worst, I had an upset tummy ALL the time and….oops, my mum says I haven’t to spill the beans about that.  TMI – too much information.  Ok, nuff said.

If I promise to be good, will I get to go away again?

2013-04-03 16.00.28 2013-04-05 15.14.25



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