Day 3

Getting on really well with the training.  My mum must have been impressed in what I’d learnt cos this morning she took me out of our street to Ziggy Chews, the lovely dog boutique, to get a training collar (free dog treats in there as well) and I crossed the road twice without pulling.  On the way back home Meg, the chocolate labrador, was playing in the street so my mum let me off to have a romp.  I was a bit excited when she wanted me back on the lead and had to be told off but I felt guilty so when we went out after my dinner I was on my best behaviour.  She was so impressed we went on a walk round the neighbourhood.  I feel like I’ve won the London Marathon!  Can I have a bone, please, rather than a medal?

2013-04-22 18.55.58  Dog tired


One thought on “Day 3

  1. Well change of scene for a few days while mums away.Irish aunt came for me,a bit of drama while she mucked up the alarm and swore outrageously trying to enter the right code. Thought she might not remember the new rules but that wasn’t the case,I’m sure her and mum are in it together. However I remained dignified and showed her just how much I’ve learned. She was in awe at my calm stroll to her house I even sat and waited to be invited in and instead of darting up her stairs to see the cats I let her go first ‘god I’m good’. I did have a go at getting on the sofa but barely got my back legs on before she corrected me, I just know her and mum have discussed that getting on furniture business. Anyway better keep this new regime up.

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