The wall

After several weeks of training my mum says I’ve hi2013-05-26 13.39.22t a wall.  WALL, what wall??  I’ve not hit a wall, my nose is perfectly intact!

Oh…I’ve come to a stop and aren’t taking things in any more, going backwards sometimes.  I agree with that – my mum is always turning round and taking me back the way we’ve come.  Oh, she says that’s the way it’s supposed to be if I don’t do what she wants, walking behind her instead of in front.  Well, if she strolls along what’s a highly motivated Springer Spaniel like me going to do other than step up a pace?  That’s not how it goes, she tells me.

Don’t want to fall out with her cos she says I’ll get no more beach runs until I behave on the lead.  Maybe have to put my thinking cap on and get my brain in gear.  Follow her, look at her, walk behind, look at her, she’s the pack leader……


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