In deep doo doo

I’m not the most popular dog in the household today.  Collected this morning to go to the beach and had a lovely time.  But then something just clicked in my brain and I decided I didn’t want to go home.  The rest of the pack, the dog pals I often run with, were in the car and I turned about and returned to the sands.  Ructions!

2013-05-31 10.21.08

My mum had to be phoned to come coax me off.  Of course I didn’t know this and, with more encouragement, I thought better of it before she got there.  We met her halfway…..

Have lain low all day since.  Will I be forgiven in time to go tomorrow?


One thought on “In deep doo doo

  1. Ok so I haven’t been scoring brownie points lately but is there any need to tell the Irish aunt. She came for me today as mums away,blimey she meant business from the start,wasn’t even aloud to get excited about going out,she growled at me at the slightest misdemeanour. I’m back to just lead walk and training 😦 . She then came in from work and yipee is taking me out again but started by making me wait at the top of the stairs and again at the bottom before she even opened the door. She took me on lead training and into a few shops made me sit at every crossing and before entering and leaving the shops,what is this.come home mam I promise I’ll be good.

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