I go shopping

What a surprise – I’ve been shopping!  My mum hardly takes me but because I’m getting better on the lead (Brownie points there!) she said I could go along this morning.  I wasn’t terribly impressed when she tied me up outside Tesco while she went in to buy a newspaper but it got better.  I selected my own dog biscuits in another shop, hovered on the doorstep of the deli while she got cakes then we went right into a clothes shop where I was a real hit and was petted by the assistant and customers.  I gave them paws which really impressed.

They thought I was so well behaved, sitting beside the changing room while my mum tried on some things.  (I don’t know why she needs more stuff; she’s got loads of clothes and she could set up in opposition to Boots with all the bathroom gear and make-up she has.)

20130608_155709 P1060009When we got home we read the paper, did a bit of gardening then sunbathed – look at me drinking up the rays.

Then it got so hot we had to retreat inside – me and my mum, that is.

The cat stayed in the shade under the bird bath….


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