I am NOT a fraud!

My mum, who has been away on holiday to Spain for a week, is calling me a fraud because I am charging around like a mad dog when three days ago I thought I was mortally injured.

It’s all her fault, anyway, for going on holiday and leaving me at boot camp where I took a tumble down the stairs and was in agony.  There was no one in the house at the time and when the Irish aunt got home she was very upset at the collapsed state of me, shaking and whimpering (me, not her!).  She had to carry me upstairs then down again to go the the vet and carry me into the surgery as I was in so much pain.  I was so stressed and rigid the vet couldn’t find out exactly what was wrong so gave me painkillers, anti inflammatories and antibiotics.

I was a bit brighter the next morning and allowed the sprog to hand feed me; then it was off to the vet again cos she wanted to check me over.  When she got to my right hip I yelped so she said that’s what had been hurt – a sprain or a bruise.  I had a second round of medicine to last 24 hours so by the time mum my came home yesterday I was feeling MUCH better.

This morning I showed her just how good I was feeling (and hoped I’d get to the beach) by chasing my tail and barking at her.

She got the message though she said I had to be carfeul and wouldn’t throw the ball for me as usual.

So how does that make me a fraud?  I’m just a quick recoverer, that’s all.  And she hasn’t brought me any Spanish treats.


One thought on “I am NOT a fraud!

  1. You had me a nervous worried snivelling mess truff. I thought you had broken your back xxxx

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